I do not actually consider myself to be an Asian woman. Just because I was born Asian that does not really represent who I really am inside. Deep down, I have always considered myself to be white, and I consider white men to be my brethren. And also, all the guys I have ever dated are white, so why the heck does society force me to be with asian guys? Come on, seriously, just like every other white girl I know, I hate those pathetic little yellow rice dicks. I’m a White woman and I belong to White Man! And I will fight for White Man!

Besides, there is no such a thing as race. I thought we all know this by now. Come on, guys, it’s 2017! Race is so OVER. Since race is not real, as we all know, then what stops me from identifying myself as a white woman? Gender is a social construct. Someone who feels like a woman inside but who still have a penis can identify as a woman, so for someone like me, who has always felt more like a white woman than asian, well, I have the right to choose the race I really wish to identify with. And anyone who has a problem with me is a racist.

If you support Trump, you are a Nazi! Period!

I don’t care, Hillary won the election fair and square! And if you didn’t vote for Hillary, you are a sexist bigoted nazi-sympathizer and fuck you, you racist misogynistic sexist nazi homophobic Islamophobe! I hope you rot in hell! Anyone who supports Trump is a nazi and I hope you all die! In my heart of my heart, in the deepest chamber of my soul, Hillary won! I am still with her! I am a proud Asian feminist and I support Hillary to the death!

Trump is Hitler!


Trump’s America


Trump is Hitler

There is no human rights in China.

The very concept that all human beings are mysteriously imbued with certain inalienable rights with which they were born and which cannot be taken away is completely alien to the Chinese. Humans according to Chinese philosophy are categorized into strict hierarchies, with the most powerful people, the emperors, the kings, and nobles on top and having complete domination over all inferior human beings. All men must obey the emperor, and all women must obey men, and all children must obey parents. Inferiors must obey superiors with total and complete submission. Disobedience is met with cruel and gruesome punishment. In this society, females of lower class are treated especially harshly. Girls from poor families are often bullied in school, denied the right to dignity. Many would suffer what would to westerners seem unimaginable cruelty in the hands of their fellow classmates from a young age: forced nudity, lit cigarettes used to burn their nipples, lower body being violently kicked, punched, and forcibly inserted with foreign objects are all part of the rough and tumble among female classmates.

Poor Chinese women would eke out a living however they could. Due to severe discrimination, and lack of access to higher education many end up working as manual laborers, and would often face brutal violence and live in humiliating servitude to upper class Chinese. The prettier ones often enter into prostitution, where they would have the opportunity to meet wealthy men who would take them as concubines and possibly even foreigners from America or Europe.

While foreigners from wealthy western countries are not Chinese, once inside sinic societies, they are treated as if they were emperors and kings. Foreigners are like the Manchus and Mongols to the Chinese, and they are venerated and feared as superior conquerors and they are therefore entitled, in the mind of the Chinese, to take as many Chinese females as they wish, often with the approval of obsequious Chinese men.

Also the vast majority of white foreigners are much more wealthy than the average Chinese, and would be able to afford a harem filled with hundreds of prettiest and most fertile Chinese women. Any foreigner in China, if he so have the inclination, can effortlessly do so.

On the other hand, for Chinese women, it is considered an honor to be seen with a white foreigner, for a white foreigner is a status symbol in the Chinese society. He symbolizes power, civility, high status, and wealth. He is worshiped like a god. The image of him is the foundation of the entire Chinese modernity, to be like him, to imitate him, and to “catch up” to him. So it is of very little wonder that most Chinese women, and most East Asian women in fact, are so obsessed with white men.

For the vast majority of Chinese women–who are unable to find white foreigners as partners in life–life in China can be very brutal. Many Chinese women would give blowjobs to clients for only a couple dollars. For just a few thousands of dollars, most Chinese women can be brought off as sex slaves or sold to brothels overseas. In China, females are considered cheap and are traded as commodities. There is no such a thing as human rights in China. Chinese females are no more prized than mere livestock or domesticated pets. Even their internal organs such as kidney, heart, and liver can be brought and sold on black markets and it is not unheard of that Chinese women have been vivisected to have their organs harvested by the Chinese Communist-owned hospitals.

Meanwhile the Chinese government keeps its iron fist over the docile and subjugated populace, and constantly threaten its own people with extreme violence. Even on a local level, a manager or a supervisor at a privately owned company can also have an almost authoritarian level of control over its employees. Female employees are often punished for talking too much, or “being lazy”, and punishment can range from as simple as fines and forced kneeling to public humiliation–stripping off all clothes–and being whipped on bare bottoms.

For instance, Xiao Jie works as a prostitute in a high-end bathhouse, and she was punished for gossiping. Her supervisor had her stripped naked, tied her hands and feet together with electrical tapes. She was forced to lie face down on top of a rubber ball and her supervisor administered her punishment with a bamboo stick, touching on her ass until it was beet red, and then as if for fun, he also caned her on her soles. His supervisor even jokingly said to her:”if your customer asks you why your ass is beet red, tell them this exactly, that you have been a lousy worker and you deserved the beating.”

The supervisor later on even charged that, for a couple hundred dollars, a customer can personally discipline Xiao Jie for her punishment. A Chinese female, in Chinese society, is not human, “human” in the western sense of the word, with inalienable human rights. A Chinese woman has no human right, no human dignity, and her flesh is as unworthy as the flesh on a domestic pig.


Chinese women are treated like pigs in China


The tragedy of all tragedies is being born a woman in East Asia

If one had to list all the countries based on the level of the toxic mix of racism and sexism, then, China easily comes on the top ten list.

Unlike South Korea and Japan, where men are obligated to provide for their wives, Chinese men expect their wives to work outside the house and to contribute income to the family. Being a housewife is China Is literally unheard of , and many women from poor families are even forced to do manual labor that were otherwise reserved for low status men in most other civilized countries. A Japanese man would have felt shame and committed seppuku if his wife were seen working outside the house. While I lived in Shanghai I have known many Chinese girlfriends who are married to Japanese nationals and all of them tell me this—it’s considered a dishonor to a Japanese man if his wife worked. All of those Chinese women are happy housewives in Japan whose only job is to stay home, clean, cook and give birth, unlike the fate of most of us Chinese women who had the misfortune to marry a Chinese man.

Now Japan and Korea are not known for their sex equality, but even there, their women enjoy a comparably happier life than Chinese women in China.

But at least China is better than Middle East when it comes to women’s rights, you say? Not exactly. In China, due to the racist sexist misogynistic obligation to contribute an income, combined with lack of job opportunities except for the most brutal manual labor, hundreds of millions of Chinese women are forced into prostitution. And because of the sheer number of Chinese prostitutes, Chinese prostitutes could only charge very small sums of money for sex. Chinese prostitutes are considered the cheapest prostitutes in the world, not because we are not pretty, but simply because there are too many Chinese prostitutes. On the other hand, there are literally no Muslim women who are so dire as to become prostitutes. Islam simply does not allow it, thereby saving the dignity and pride of Muslim women. In some way, Islam is actually much more feminist than the conservative media bias allow you to believe.

But Chinese women have no such luxury. Chinese women are not only treated as whores by foreign men, but also considered cheap even by their own nationals. In China, for instance, an European prostitute on average costs at least 4 to 6 times as much as a Chinese prostitute. Chinese me worship white women and white standards of beauty, but most white women find Chinese men utterly disgusting, so the demand for white women becomes nearly insatiable due to the lack of supply. Many Chinese news channels have reported curious stories about Chinese billionaires who are willing to pay exorbitant amounts of money for a white woman just for one night. Chinese women are treated as cheap labors, even on the sex market.

Blonde Hookers line up in China to be chosen by wealthy Chinese men

To compound the cut-throat capitalism with shame-faced Confucianism is a formula for disaster, if not now, then definitely in the foreseeable future. Despite the brutal and violent crackdown of Chinese traditions during the Cultural Revolution, many Chinese traditions—known for their racism and sexism—simply were too deep rooted to be eradicated. The natural tendency for women to marry up is simply inevitable. We all want to marry a man who is more intelligent than us, more wealthy than us, and in general more powerful than us, but raising the level of education, income and power of women in China has created a vast number of left over women who simply cannot find men of comparable education, income and power and given a single man who is on par standard, he is fought over by nearly 20 times as many Chinese women. There are actually a huge surplus of single men in China, due to racism and sexism, but those men are not desirable simply because they are not as educated, as wealthy, and as powerful as their female counterparts. The sexual imbalance is like a powder keg that frequently erupts in violent outbursts. Unlike women in the west, who are usually more free and emancipated, or under Islam, which is considerably more feminist and where women are treated pretty well in comparison, women in China are treated like trash and often have to resort to extraordinary means to compete for mates. Chinese women were in many gruesome instances physically assaulted by other Chinese women vying for a single man. The victims were stripped naked in public, having hair torn off, and their private parts violently kicked, punched. Those Chinese women were extremely brutal to their fellow women. Some videos show the woman being whipped into a bloody mess, by a group of Chinese women.

Oh! White Man! Come to China and save those poor oppressed Asian women!

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It is no wonder that more and more Chinese women are marrying out at a near exponential rate. For most Chinese women, even marrying a Middle Eastern man is considerably better than marrying a Chinese man.

Some say that Asia is White Man’s paradise, but what many don’t realize is that White Man is Asian woman’s salvation.

For those Asian women who are so lucky to be able to marry White Men, it’s literally like being married to a god. Even being used by a White Man, feeling his superior sperm inside me gives me such privilege. If I have one wish in life, I rather be a sex slave to a White Man, serving him, worshipping him, wearing his dog collar and leash, and I will be proud to call my White Master my god, my king, my emperor.

Yet yet, yet! those racist sexist misogynistic Asian men, out of their own insecurity and disgusting shamelessness, shame, degrade and humiliate the innocent Asian women for loving foreign men, as if we have any alternative, as if we were not the victims of brutal Asian misogyny.

In Japan, we are referred to as “gaijin hunters”, “yellow cabs”—white men ride anytime. In Singapore, SPG {sarong party girl) with the connotation we exclusively date white guys. Sometimes black guys and middle eastern guys too, actually we don’t discriminate.

In Hong Kong and Taiwan, we are called “eating white sausage” 係洋腸; in China they call us “common bus”—any man of any nation can ride anytime.

Given the deplorable way Asian men treat Asian women, how could we not love white men even more, White Men who are usually not only more handsome, taller, masculine and much more wealthy than most Asian guys, but also full of freedom, equality, feminism, and human liberation? White Men are superior, plain and simple, and as Asian women we are so incredibly blessed to be so loved by White Men.

Philosophers have for centuries interpreted the world, now’s the time to put them in action.

What annoys me the most are those white guys who come to me asking me where and how to find asian women. It’s absolutely disgusting. So this is what white men have become, whining little pussies who got no balls. You might as well just start calling those white men “asian fags” for all I care. And this is why I have more admiration for blacks and Muslims now. At least they still have the balls to rape, loot, and kill. They still have within them that savagery, that barbarism that defines all higher men. But those white men are just pathetic.

And what I really find sad is how so many white men profess to love asian women and yet so few Asian women are ever raped by White men. Even more Asian women are raped by black men than by white men. Can you really call it love when you don’t even have the courage to rape the person you love? And oh, don’t you dare get all morally outraged at me. At least I have the courage to admit that I have had rape fantasies since I was a teenager. I have always found white men attractive and yet to this day I have never met a white man who was man enough to rape me. Follow me home, strangle me, strip off my clothes and just take me, in every way he wishes. Enslave me. Keep me in his basement and make me bear his babies in captivity.

Where are the white men who are still men? Must I become like white girls and chase after niggers now?

Those fucking chinks!

The mere thought of them makes me seethe with anger. How do I describe to you my hatred of those chinks. Let me put it this way, if I were born during the rape of Nanking, and if it means that having sex with a Japanese man will spite those chinks, I will freely offer myself to all the Japanese soldiers, and I would encourage all the Chinese women around me to freely offer ourselves to the Japanese, and I would worship those noble, brave Japanese men, I would kneel before them, lick their boots, and tear open my own shirt to reveal my breasts, and I would beg them to fondle me, rape me, gang-rape me, tie me up and take me to their station and make me their comfort woman, to serve all the heroic Japanese soldiers. And I would do it all voluntarily.

I have only one wish in life, and that is to see China get nuked by the brave, noble American soldiers, and I beg my American masters to take me, enslave me, make me into a submissive chinadoll, use me like a sex slave, and if anyone has a problem with it, I will run to the United Nations and declare to the entire world that I am voluntary! I volunteer!—I volunteer to be an Asian sex slave to American soldiers! I will shout to the world. I am doing it out of my free will!

My hatred of those chinks—consumes me like a fire. Until my throat is hoarse. Until my voice gives up, I will declare to the world how much I hate those chinks.

Why I hate chinks so much!

But people say, oh, but you are Chinese as well.  No I am no longer!  I am an American now.  Oh, but you are just self-hating!  No it has nothing to do with self-hating. People who are not Chinese just don’t get it.  Chinks are extremely to cruel and sadistic to each other.  Chinks will look down on you if you have slightly darker skin than average or are shorter than average. Chinks love white skin and tall status and practically worship anyone with those features, and so for Asian women like us, who are slightly darker than average, and who are not very tall, we are looked upon pretty much like niggers in China. But all my white American friends describe me as very light skinned!  I have lighter skin than most Italians. So that is why I have come to America, to be free from those chinks! That is why I teach my daughter that she should hate those chinks as much as I do, and I will teach all the white men in the world to hate those chinks as much as I do, and stop those chinks from invading America!

Chinese prostitutes in Middle East


An enormous number of Chinese prostitutes reside not just in wealthy gulf state countries of the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Dubai and Abu Dhabi of United Arab Emirates, but even in war-torn countries such as Afghanistan, and Iraq, and many African countries such as Nigeria, Tunisia, Algeria, and Ghana. Chinese prostitutes are estimated to consist over two-thirds of all prostitutes in the middle east, and due to the enormous supply, Chinese prostitutes are also the cheapest by nationality, ranging from as little as 50 dirham (13 dollars) to 200 dirham ( 54 dollars). Prostitutes from East European countries typically valuate at around 500 dirham and Middle Eastern women are by far the most expensive, at 1,000 dirham.

Chinese prostitutes in Afghanistan primary serve American soldiers and typically use Chinese restaurants as fronts. While international agencies frequently condemn such behavior by the American military personnel, and urge many American soldiers not to cater to the business of the flesh, very little is done or can be done to eradicate the phenomenon. Similarly Chinese prostitutes in Iraq cater primarily to American military, though some have also been available to the Iraqi population in general, at least under the more secular part of Iraq.

While prostitution is illegal in all Muslim countries, and Bureau of Immigration and Customs take extensive measure to curb the huge influx of Chinese prostitutes into their respective countries, the oldest profession in the world refuse to die off and has found its most vaunted champions among Chinese females.


Chinese prostitutes in Dubai

In Dubai, entire streets are filled with Chinese prostitutes, especially at such Chinese concentrated areas as China Shoe City. Other than the locals, due the large influx of male migrants from other Arab countries, as well as Indo-Pakistani labors, and wealthy western businessmen and white-collar professionals, the demand for Chinese prostitutes is very high, and with high demand comes the lucrative profit margin that drives up supply. Thousands of Chinese women travel to Dubai as tourists and work as prostitutes. It can be safely assumed that all Chinese women standing outside of night clubs in Dubai are prostitutes. At Cyclone, a typical such nightclub, for instance, at around 2 A. M. a large number of Indo-Pakistani coolies gathered around the front of the Cyclone main entrance. At 2:30 A.M. two western white males in black suits came out followed by three beautiful Chinese girlsin their 20s wearing in high heels, miniskirts, and open-back halter tops. Those were the girls that had not been picked by the more upscale clients inside the club to spend the night with and were now being auctioned off at discount prices to the labor migrants outside the club. Since many of those girls came to Dubai on tourist visas, and could only stay up to 30 days, they were desperate to make as much money as possible. Many offered group sessions to the Indo-Pakistani migrants, 50 dirhams for a blowjob, 100 dirham for vaginal intercourse, and 20 dirhams for watching.

Among the European-American and Arab men, almost everyone of them have a “collection”–collection of Chinese girls’ nude pictures. Some very wealthy Indian businessmen had sometimes put their private collection up on the internet to share with others. One German engineer stationed in Dubai Internet City has even created an entire website dedicated to over hundreds of Chinese girls he has had sex with.

Other than high-priced clubs such as Cyclone, low class clubs and cheaper hotels or hostels have even more Chinese prostitutes, such as the front of Astoria, where even at day times one can observe Chinese girls mixed in a large group of African migrants, offering blowjobs.

At China Shoe City, there are more “streetwalkers”, women who openly parade themselves on the street waiting for clients. One Pakistani taxicab driver who frequently passed by China Shoe City summarized Chinese women as “very cheap, very good sex”. Almost all the low-class migrants from Africa, Indo-Pakistan, and other poor Middle Eastern countries can attest to the pleasure, and the affordability of Chinese women.


In Qatar, a wealthy Arabic businessman has had more than a dozen Chinese wives, all of them young, pretty, and extremely submissive. Many of those Chinese girls were smuggled into Qatar, and worked as hostesses in one of the many karaoke bars. The lucky ones–pretty, young and eager to please–were quickly brought off by wealthy Arab owners as domestic servants, concubines, or wives. Polygamy is legal in Muslim countries. Deep rooted misogyny forbids Muslim women from becoming prostitutes, on pain of death, so it was necessary that most prostitutes in Muslim countries are Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Russian, where sexual liberation and western feminism were more wide-spread.

In particular, this Arabic businessman would frequently bring foreign clients to visit Karaoke bars and introduce Chinese girls to them as such: “Today we are going to sing Karaoke. There are many Chinese girls there, and they will make you very comfortable.” The Karaoke bars themselves were owned by Arabs, but the hostesses were mostly Chinese.


Despite the severity of Sharia Law, a small but significant number of Chinese women live in Saudi Arabia. Some western observers have estimated the number to be at least 10,000. Most of them serve as domestic servants or concubines. A certain member of the Saudi loyalty is rumored to have a mansion dedicated to the collection of East Asian concubines. The mansion, aptly named the red chamber, housing 50 Chinese women, 15 Korean women, and 10 Japanese women, serves as the loyal prince’s private East Asian harem. Armed guards surround his mansion and were instructed to shoot on sight anyone caught leaving the premise. Escape was impossible. Any woman caught on public streets without a male guardian were beheaded. Women caught soliciting prostitution were stoned to death in public squares. Severe restriction of those Chinese women’s freedom was meant to protect them. Allegedly, orgies were held every week in the red chamber, complete with kinbaku performance, Nyotaimori, and Kabuki dance. Pregnancy occurred often, and it is said that all male infants were killed, only female infants were allowed to live, with the express purpose that those girls will be bred and educated as future sex slaves to the Saudi prince.

Chinese prostitutes in Japan

In Japan, there are over 3,000,000 Chinese prostitutes, with over 100,000 more coming to Japan each year to join the rank. Those Chinese prostitutes work illicitly in massage parlors, love hotels, or glaringly stand around street corners in designated red light districts, or in front of subway stations in sexy revealing attire, waiting for customers. They are everywhere. Due to the bad economy in Japan, many offer more than just happy endings or simple blowjobs. Almost anything can be brought from them for very cheap prices. Even anal sex can cost as little as just 100 dollars. Special fetishes such as urine drinking, semen swallowing, foot-licking, exhibitionism, and masochism are also not expensive.
If you are visiting Tokyo, you can visit Kabukichō in Shinjuku, the most famous red light district in Japan. Almost all the prostitutes in Kabukichō are Chinese. There are many more Chinese prostitutes outside of Kabukichō as well, such as in Ikebukuro, which is also a Chinese enclave.  Typically, a Chinese prostitutes in Ikebukuro charge as little as 20 dollars for a blowjob. 
Before Shinzo Abe cracked down on the Chinese mafias that were running amok in the red light districts of Japan, it was not uncommon to see Chinese prostitutes giving blowjobs to customers on the sidewalks.  I think it was in the late 1990s, or maybe earlier, that a local Japanese newspaper ran an article about a naked Chinese prostitute running around Kabukichō and performing masturbation shows in convenience stores.  The police were fine with it until all the other crimes surged, such as stealing, killing, and robbery. Most significantly, in 1994, a member of the Shanghai clique hacked to death a member of the Beijing clique within the Chinese mafia syndicate, in broad daylight. The Chinese mafia was getting so out of control that they were also robbing Japanese yazukas, which in fact demonstrated that in many instances the Chinese mafias were more brutal, more daring and more brazen in their crimes, which is even well documented by western journalists such as Nicholas Kristof.  Chinese mafias did contract killing, human-trafficking and drug-dealing, the usual goodies, but they also intentionally targeted Chinese prostitutes for robbery, knowing those Chinese prostitutes couldn’t report to the police; the Chinese mafia  would kidnap the Chinese prostitute, gang rape her, torture her, and force her to give them the pin number to her bank account, and if she refuses, they would slice off her nipples and clitoris. The Chinese mafias used many other torture methods to extort money from Chinese prostitutes, such as scolding with boiling water, breaking fingers, etc. and their level of cruelty were only matched with the Yazukas. Many Chinese prostitutes actually prefered working under yazukas than Chinese mafias.  The Chinese mafias and the Japanese yazukas also frequently collaborated to traffick women from Mainland China, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.   
It got better after Shinzo Abe decided to crack down on the illegal activities in Kabukichō and he personally went through the streets of Kabukichō, along with the chief police officer, vowing to be tough on crime.  

There are also a lot of Chinese actresses in Japanese pornography, but they are usually relegated to the more fringe production studios that cater to more extreme fetishes such as scat, extreme BDSM, exhibitionism, and bestiality. Many major standard-bearer Adult Video (AV) studios in Japan do not sign foreign born women; well, even many restaurants in Japan still do not serve foreigners, so if you are a foreigner and do not speak Japanese, there are restaurants in Japan that will refuse to service you. Anyway, so the major AV studios almost exclusively sign with Japanese women and those women can become very famous and make a lot of money, but most of the foreign-born women in AV do not have any fame because they cannot sign with the more famous studios and they often perform very extreme fetish if they want to make money

Those fringe Adult Video studios are almost exclusively controlled by the yazuka, and because the content they produce are very extreme, so if they hire Japanese women they have to pay a lot of money to the actresses to create the incentive for them to do those very extreme fetish, and their profit margin is very thin, but if they hire women from Mainland China, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, or the Philippines, they can pay them less money. Some of those foreign women are trafficked to Japan by the yazuka and must do everything they are told or else the yazuka will murder them, after they exhaust all other methods of torture. It is not uncommon to see real rape and real torture in some fringe studio Japanese AV productions. Bakky series is one famous example and I know at least one actress from that series is Chinese.  

It is also interesting to note that there are many AV actresses who are half-Chinese, that is, having Chinese mothers and Japanese fathers. Far more, however, are actresses who have Japanese mothers and European fathers. Many of the most famous AV actresses today are actually half-Japanese with white fathers.  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)